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Feel Good Inc Cover

May 19, 2010

I have finished and uploaded a new cover, of Gorillaz Feel Good Inc, check it out!


New cover this weekend

May 5, 2010

Over the past week I have been practicing Everywhere by Michelle Branch. I’ll be recording it in the next few days and uploading it to youtube, keep an eye out 😀


April 21, 2010

So after spending another week at college, being told to go listen to bob marley as homework and talking over with my bands, we have decided to begin recording videos and music for an acoustic band, it’s gonna rock! Also, keep an eye out for some new vocal covers on my youtube channel! You can find the link to it in the links section or you can click on the happy cat to the right


New videos and piccies!

April 14, 2010

Uploaded some new videos and piccies to the page 😀 You can find them in the Video and Picture pages.

2 new videos

March 17, 2010

Uploaded 2 new videos to my youtube page. These were taken from the gig a few weeks ago, we are covering Still Alive and Re:Your Brains by Johnathan Coulton. Check em out! 😀


February 24, 2010

Tonight I’m doing a gig at the musician in leicester at 7:30 as part of a college gig with my band, the last minute thing. We’ll be doing 2 cover songs and I will be singing for this band 😀

Major and Minor Scales

February 13, 2010

So some people don’t really know about major and minor scales, as a musician, these are very important to know. They can help you figure out what notes go well with something your playing and are also good starting points when writing songs.

Major Scale

The major scale is a happy sounding scale, it’s probably the most commonly used type of scale and is popular in pop or mainstream songs. The main reason it sounds happy is because of the major 3rd and major 6th. Usually the notes in any scale are quite similar and have a few that make it major, minor etc.
So let’s look at the major scale in C, always a good starting place as it has no sharps or flats. The notes for this would be C D E F G A B C. C is the root, D 2nd, E M3rd, F P4th, G P5th, A M6th, B 7th and C POctave.
To play it, it would be something like this:
G ———–2-4-5—-
D —–2-3-5———-
A -3-5—————-
E ———————

Minor Scale

The minor scale is the sadder type of scale, mainly because of the 3b, 6b and 7b. Those 3 notes are enough to make it sound sad. Let’s look at it in C. The notes would be C D Eb F G Ab B C. C is the root, D 2nd, Eb m3rd, F P4th, G P5th, Ab m6th, B 7th and C POctave. Notice that the 4th, 5th and Octave are the same as in the major scale. Those notes don’t change and are called Perfect intervals. When you play the minor scale it would look something like this:
G ————-3-5—-
D ——-3-5-6——–
A -3-5-6————–
E ——————–

So that concludes a post on major and minor scales, hope someone finds this useful!